This course cover the following

    • Identify the purpose of the Employment Equity Act.
    • Capture and/or update the relevant equity information on company level, employee level and position level.
    • Earmark positions for designated employees.
    • Indicate the disciplinary actions and training transactions to be recorded for equity reporting.
    • Update employees’ equity history transactions.
    • Set up equity plans comprising of numerical goals and numerical targets.
    • Monitor the company’s progress in meeting the numerical goals and targets.
    • Generate reports from the Equity Management module to ensure that all the relevant information is completed before the Sage HR Consultant assists you in extracting the information needed for submission.
    • Generate operational Equity reports, such as Workforce Profiles and Equity Designated Positions reports.

Sage Premier HR – Equity Management (eLearning)


Target audience: All Premier HR users who are required to generate equity reports.Overview:This comprehensive workshop covers everything you need to know about the VIP Employment Equity module. Course highlights: Familiarize yourself with the Employment Equity ActEquity planning and reportingEquity Management module in Premier HR

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