This course will cover the following:

  • Load new employees on the Premier HR system.
  • Load employee photo’s.
  • Capture employee-related transactions, for example, training, disciplinaries and so on.
  • Attach supporting documentation, for example, employment contracts, increase letters and so on.
  • Set up email-reminders for important events.
  • Print employee management reports, such as Employee Detail reports, Items Issued Lists, Disciplinary and Grievance Graphs, and so on.
  • Complete the termination process on the Premier HR system.
  • Find suitable candidates for succession planning purposes and manage their development.


Sage Premier HR – Employee Management (eLearning)


Target audience:Users who need to equip themselves with the functionality of the Employee Management module of the Premier HR system. Overview:This workshop focuses on the system features of the Employee Management module. Adding and terminating employees as well as all employee transactions are explained in detail.

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