Sage 50cloud Accounting software for growing businesses.

Sage 50cloud Mobility
Empower and mobilise your workforce to generate sales from invoices using our new mobile app. With full search functionality and the ability to lookup your customers based on location. You will be able find your customers and conduct business on the road.

Productivity boosting cloud features
Integration with features like Direct Bank Feeds, Cloud Document Storage, invoicing and Payroll/ Payments Integration help customers to boost productivity, cut down on manual tasks and save hours every week.

Sage Contact
Stop toggling between Outlook & Sage, Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner syncs your records, contact details, balances, transaction history and documents with Outlook; so no matter where you are (desktop, cloud or mobile) you have all the information you need to quickly & efficiently connect with your customers.

Smart cloud connected accounting software
Sage 50cloud Pastel is the next generation of Sage Pastel products and is the start of your journey to Sage Business Cloud. Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner offers up to twenty users, unlimited company licenses, and cloud connected accounting functionality that every small business needs. And of course, you can rest assured that Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner will give you the tools to stay legislatively compliant.

Accept payments from your customers
Sage Business Cloud Payments is a safe and easy way for customers to pay you, using a range of simple, secure, and reliable payment solutions. Accept payments online, face-to-face, over the phone, and through invoices with all business-critical features included as standard.

Sage 50cloud Intelligence Reporting
Unleash the power of Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner data into Microsoft Excel, and either build powerful and in-depth reports with our simple drag-and-drop designer or use one of our smart templates; to get a richer, deeper understanding of your business.

Cloud Backup
Stop worrying about taking backups or whether you’ve remembered to take the USB stick home on a weekend – Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner automatically backups up to the cloud and notifies you of any problems. One simple setup and it just works.

Favourites option
Add your favourite or most used options to our new Favourites option which we have added to the menu bar to allow for easy access. Easily customise the order of these options within the Favourites menu for even more convenience.

Direct Bank Feeds
Say goodbye to re-keying payments and breeze through reconciliation routines by connecting Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner directly with your bank account. Watch your transactions flow seamlessly into your accounts as you simply confirm what you want to post or match.

Please note: Pricing is per annum, should you prefer a monthly option please look at our Flex options

For accounting queries: +27 11 304 3000
For payroll queries: +27 11 304 4000

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Point of Sale
Sage 50cloud Pastel Point of Sale (POS): An affordable, simple and secure payment handing retail solution for small and medium businesses
Powerful, yet easy to set-up and operate, Sage 50cloud Pastel POS is keyboard friendly for fast processing. Simple screens and large display areas make this cashier-based system ideal for any till point. Sage 50cloud Pastel POS interfaces with most popular barcode scanners, cash drawers and pole displays. Once installed and set up, tellers can be trained and working in record time.

Debtors Manager
The Debtors Manager module helps you to optimise your collections process, and generate up to date and accurate cash flow forecasts from your debtor’s book.
Keep track of all calls made to customers and the promises they make.
Instantly link your notes and the Age Analysis balances in a single report.
Create daily call back reminders and action lists for easy follow-up.

Process and print receipts in one go with Sage 50cloud Pastel Receipting
Sage 50cloud Pastel Receipting from Sage 50cloud Pastel is a specialised add-on module for Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner. It allows you to enter data once in order to process and print receipts. You can do this without having to use your cash book. Once you are ready, Sage 50cloud Pastel Receipting will automatically move the receipts into your cash book for you.

Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials and Kit Item Codes. The Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner Bill of Materials module gives you access to two related functions: Bill of Materials and Kit Item Codes. With the Bill of Materials module, you can build, assemble, or manufacture any inventory item using other inventory items as parts or components. The Kit Item Codes allow for the specification of one code on an invoice, and the system leads multiple invoice lines that can include inventory items and remark lines. You can also create Bills of Materials or Kit Item Codes with an unlimited number of components. Up to three non-inventory additional costs associated with the Bill of Materials can be created, for example, labour, freight and overhead costs, per Bill of Material. When you manufacture you can remove component items and create manufactured items.

Fixed Assets
Fixed assets are physical items such as desks, computers, cars, and machinery which you acquire to run your business. Company law in some countries requires that you keep a register of your business’ fixed assets as part of its accounting records. However, business fixed asset management can be tedious and time-consuming. As you use assets, they depreciate or become obsolete. You can legally expense depreciation in your accounts for tax purposes. Sage 50cloud Pastel’s fixed asset tracking software module takes care of all of this for you.

Multi Warehousing
Set-up and use multiple stores or warehouses with the Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner Multi-Warehousing module. Working with multiple stores is almost identical to working with normal inventory or stock. The only difference is that each time you want to access an inventory item, you must specify the store in which the item exists. The Multi-Warehousing module makes it easy to track and control inventory items.

Multi Currency
It’s business as usual when dealing with foreign customers and suppliers with Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner’s Multi-Currency add-on module. The Multi-Currency module can process in 30 currencies and allows you to define a currency for each customer, supplier and bank account.

Project Tracker
It can be difficult trying to keep track of a project’s income and expenses. Monies laid out, monies received, budgets and project income statements can be a nightmare to prepare – especially when you have multiple projects on the go. The  Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner Project Tracker allows you to manage your projects, associated budgets and costs while providing in depth reporting keeping you “in control” of each project’s financial position.

Functionality includes:
– Reporting groups linked to various cost codes
– Enhanced budget creation per project
– Income statements per project
– Allocation of expenses and income per transaction per project
– Linking invoices and GRV’s to projects

Sage 50cloud Pastel Intelligence Reporting
We have combined South Africa’s leading accounting software with Microsoft® Excel® and have produced a reporting tool that revolutionises the way you make decisions in your business! Sage 50cloud Pastel Intelligence Reporting is an add-on module that dynamically links to your Sage accounting data, taking your business beyond standard reporting functionality. You can generate spreadsheets by simply extracting Sage 50cloud Pastel data and converting it into an easy-to-read, graphic format. Sage 50cloud Pastel Intelligence Reporting retains report formats and makes them available for future use. You also have instant access to ‘live’ information and that last minute journal no longer impacts your Excel reporting. Monthly financials account for a large percentage of manual Excel labour.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Intelligence Reporting offers a customisable pack which provides drill-down functionality.
You can customise the standard set of reports and templates, and create new ones. It gives you flexibility with the combinations of financial data you choose to report on.
Sage 50cloud Pastel Intelligence Reporting ships with Management Packs (Balance Sheet, Income Statement), Sales Master (Sales Reports), Inventory, Purchasing options, and more.

Serial Number Tracking
Track items from the moment of purchase to sale with the Sage 50cloud Pastel Serial Number Tracking module
Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner Serial Number Tracking allows you to track items from the moment you purchase or manufacture them to the time you sell them. With this stock control software module, inventory management even extends to you being able to track the item for warranty purposes should it be returned to you for repairs.

Time and Billing
Bill your employees’ time to your customers with the Time and Billing module With the Time and Billing Add-On module to Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner accounting software, simply complete timesheets for employees and charge your customers via activities. The activities that you create are the services you sell to your customers. These activities per employee timesheets can be used to create customer invoices. Analyse staff productivity with the Sage 50cloud Pastel Time and Billing module

Sage 50cloud Pastel’s timesheet management software is useful in any environment where chargeable hours can be billed to customers. The Time and Billing module is very handy project management analysis software. You can monitor staff time and attendance, staff productivity can be analysed through standard reports, and exceptions reports can be run with the timesheet software for rates that vary from the default rate.

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Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner

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