Premier Payroll Academy training

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Course Outline:

Overview of statutory requirements governing payroll administration including Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), Income Tax Act, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Act, Skills Development Act (SDA) and Skills Development Levies Act (SDL) and Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (OID). Processing payroll data including: Adding a new employee, earnings, deductions and increases. Basic leave administration. Printing reports and payslips. Introduction to fringe benefits, medical aid and retirement reforms.

This price excludes the assessments which is an additional fee.



VIP Premier Training Academy

  • Unit 1: 4-8 Feb
    Unit 2: 11-15 Feb
    Unit 3: 25-28 Feb


VIP Premier Training Academy

  • Unit 1: 4-8 March
    Unit 2: 11-15 March
    Unit 3: 25-28 March


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